Sunday, February 05, 2006

#1 in the Plan For Success series


I’d like to start things off with a little piece of advice given to me by one of my high school English teachers, Mr. Wallace Haight. I quote: “There are men in the ranks who will stay in the ranks. Why? I’ll tell you why. They haven’t the ability to get things done.” I didn’t understand the meaning of this until after high school when the realities of living in our western society truly griped me. However, since then it has been a guiding light for me. I hope that you can take some meaning from it as well.

Whenever you change your eating habits, you have to ask yourself: "Could I eat this way forever?" Think of all the "miracle" diets out there, basically telling you that you can never eat certain foods again. Well, you end up getting on the program temporarily, with temporary results. The key is to adapt a lifestyle approach and learn how to eat healthy all year round. It’s ok to “go through phases,” just as long as you keep your overall body composition within an acceptable range, with out any large fluctuations in weight and/or %BF. It’s time to stop dieting and start getting healthy.

There’s a glaring problem with the health and fitness industries of today -- one that no one wants you to know about. The problem is that while the number of sources for health, fitness, nutrition, and supplementation information grow exponentially, people don’t seem to be getting much fitter or healthier! In fact, our fast food nation is one of the fattest and growing by the year. We are a society of convenience food. We want it right now and we want a lot of it!

A large part of the industry devotes itself to distracting you with pretty pictures of fitness s and articles promising new strategies and better results accomplished with less work. Quite a lot of the info out there ought to be tossed in the educational garbage dump. Nevertheless, solid info does exist, and much of it still cruises free of charge down the information superhighway. The knowledge – the truth! – is out there.

Yet, the critical question remains. Why the divorce between knowledge and result?
Well, for one, many people get confused when they are presented with a barrage of isolated facts, ideas and theories divorced from the context necessary to craft them into a comprehensive strategy. Outside of its proper context, good information often becomes unusable or even detrimental. Points of minor importance often usurp points of great importance, and misunderstanding reigns supreme.

I aim to give you something different, comprehensive tools to help you eat healthier and improve your body composition and health profile – without requiring a degree in nutritional biochemistry and physiology to do so. Nothing is left to chance. I guarantee progress and deliver it, because I know that applied knowledge, when structured properly, brings the greatest possible results.

I will discuss how to avoid eating the foods which are the most harmful to your body, health, and your goals. I will also talk about which food choices are the healthiest and the best to incorporate into your new lifestyle. I will go over common myths, mistakes, and misconceptions and you’ll find out how to minimize your cravings and stick with a nutrition and exercise program, and your new lifestyle.

Check back soon for the next installment in the Plan For Success Series.


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